Rubik’s Cube Reno Pt. 2

Renovation Updates and Offerings!

The third-floor renovation and the long months of a basically empty building have afforded much opportunity for culling and cleaning, painting and preparing to welcome everyone back into a refreshed and ready space! Classrooms have shifted; furniture has been rearranged; assessments have been made of what is needed and what needs to find new homes.

Like our own dwelling places and especially in a church of many members, a lot of stuff accumulates, wrapped in the hesitation to relinquish items that have been donated or concern that something ‘might’ be needed. Many helping hands and knowledgeable minds have worked diligently to discern and decide how to best reshuffle rooms and space made available with the NC Council of Churches relocating from the 2nd to the 3rd floor.

This works in process is a stewardship issue: what is the user-friendly use of space and resources, how are we using what we have and what can be used by someone else as well as what has been useful but, now, needs to be discarded. (Think Marie Kondo…choose Joy! OR the adage: Bless and Release!)

Take a look at some of ‘new’ spaces:


More to come!!

NOW, a part of the good stewardship culling is offering items to members and friends.

If any of the items in the following pictures is of interest, please contact Lori by phone or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to come see or put your name on the item.  Financial donations for items are encouraged but not required.


One more request:  for the time being, unless specifically requested, please take any donations of books, vases, craft supplies, carpet, furniture, etc., etc. to Dorcas Ministry or Habitat ReStore or your favorite donation organization.  

There is still quite a bit to be done, however, the anticipation that we’ll be in-person and in the building come Fall makes the work that much more exciting! The church is about people of faith gathered together to worship and learn and live their discipleship.  The privilege of this building is meant to provide those opportunities for ministry together.

Many thanks to the dozens of folks who have been and are working to create good space for all to share. 

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