WRPC Prepares to Welcome Afghan Refugees

The Mission, Peace & Justice Committee in partnership with the Presbyterian Women is excited to partner with the US Committee for Refugees & Immigrants (USCRI) to provide hospitality for people resettling in the Triangle. The USCRI is a public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of State that coordinates the entry of refugees and immigrants into local communities. 

Untitled design 86Their Reception and Placement program has been doing this work since the 1970's. Their current focus is the welcoming, safe and coordinated entry of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan who are being housed temporarily in the three US Military bases. The USCRI is expecting to resettle about 20 families from Afghanistan in the Triangle by the end of the year. 

USCRI staff begin their work at the airport, welcoming their new clients, providing them furnished housing, and connecting them to benefits and supportive services including Social Security cards, healthcare, schools, English classes and employment opportunities.  USCRI staff work closely with volunteers, such as WRPC, to help refugees start their new lives in new communities. USCRI recently announced a partnership with Green Chair to furnish apartments!  

West Raleigh will soon be designated a Community Sponsor and trained to become part of the team of people ready to support and welcome our new neighbors immediately upon their arrival Our work will begin by donating items directly to Green Chair that will then be used to furnish apartments. Once we have been trained, we will be assigned to a family before their arrival. We will begin by cleaning and setting up the apartment after Green Chair delivers the items; stock the pantry and make sure basic household goods are in place and have a hot meal waiting when they arrive in their new home.

Training dates as well as a list of items to be donated to Green Chair will soon be available. If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, please contact Janet Pecci, Mark Zaineddin or Katherine Rick-Miller.

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