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There are so many choices! Whether you are in the book store or searching the internet, the sheer volume of resources on any given topic can be overwhelming and wading through them to choose one that is right for you often gets pushed to the back burner. So, today, we asked several of our pastors what they are reading this Advent.


Reverends Katherine Rick-Miller & Katie Cashwell recommend Kate Bowler & Cole Arthur Riley –

Katie writes, “Every morning in Advent I start my day reading the daily devotion from Kate Bowler's downloadable devotional book, The Season of Almost. Kate's background as a historian makes this resource rich in historical context and enriches my faith by sharing the background to many of our Advent traditions. As someone who is living with a chronic illness, Kate has deep wisdom about the Advent themes of waiting and expectancy.”

One of our favorite devotional accounts to follow is @blackliturgies. Writer and Liturgist, Cole Arthur Riley, is the creator of this space. She does spiritual formation work at Cornell. Black Liturgies is a space where Black words "live in dignity, lament, rage, and liberation." In Advent she is posting beautiful reflections around the topic of waiting in darkness and reclaiming blackness. Her liturgy is simply stunning. These devotions have opened our eyes and heart to the work of dismantling racism and white supremacy, even in Advent. Katie writes, “I've lost track of how many Black Liturgies posts I have marked as a favorite.” Katherine adds, “You can access an additional 4-week Advent devotional series and support this very gifted writer by becoming an Official Patron 

Rev. Katie Cashwell offers this for parents –

If you are a parent, be sure to check out Kayla Craig's  To Light Their Way Finding Simple Wonder & Joy in Advent . This collection of liturgy and prayers are snippets and excerpts from her book To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents. Kayla is very tuned in to the parenting experience. Her words make me feel seen, but not in a creepy, Elf-on-the-Shelf kind of way. The words in this devotional resonate with my beautiful, chaotic parenting life. They are nuanced and nurturing, just what I need at Advent. She has a great Instagram account that is worth a follow, @liturgiesforparents 

Rev. Lori Pistor loves the work of pastor, poet & artist Jan Richardson –

Wander with pastor, poet, artist Jan Richardson through the Season of Advent.

Because Jan uses both words and images…and includes music…Jan’s works inspire each participant’s imagination and wonder. Illuminated 2021: An Online Journey into the Heart of Christmas — Jan Richardson


And a bonus pick!

Anna Richardson Raab's pick for youth

Youth! Be sure to follow Youth Mission Co. on Instagram (@youthmissionco) for daily devotionals featuring reflections on the lectionary written by current YMCo staff, former interns, and board members. These reflections will use biblical texts to shed light on issues of power, self-examination, innjustice, and more. The full Advent calendar of devotions can also be accessed via YMCo's website.

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