Courtyard and Columbarium

The members of the Columbarium Committee are delighted to invite you to enjoy our beautiful courtyard. Please take some time to stroll around, taking in the fine workmanship, beautiful plantings, and creative space for children at play. We are indebted to the Courtyard Task Force and the Columbarium Committe for their years of careful planning. The full committee is listed below. Their vision, meticulous standards for design, unwavering commitment to the project, and love for our church are why this beautiful space now exists.



The Courtyard Task Force                                                  The Columbarium Committee

Frances Wilder                                                                       Frances Wilder

Bill Smith                                                                                Bill Smith

Shanora Kingsberry                                                               Becky Blazier

Austin Jones                                                                           Dennis Blazier

Ron Calliari                                                                             Anne Bromby

Eric Baucom                                                                           Craig Bromby


If you are interested in reserving a niche or scattering ashes in our Columbarium and Memorial Garden, contact one of the Columbarium Committee members listed above, or the church office. Documents further outlining details of the Columbarium can be found below.

Columbarium Policy and Guidelines

Map of Columbarium Niches

Niche Contract