Introducing Icons, Glimpses of Heavenly Mystery

With Iconographer Daniel Neculae
Sunday, July 23 at 1 PM
Voice of the Spirit Gallery
Register or Questions to Marietta Wynands: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919-828-5468 x14.  
Cost: $5.00 payable at the event.

Please join us for this first step in the process of approaching the sacred presence of God through the sense of sight. Daniel Neculae will provide a brief introduction into the history and symbolism of Byzantine icons, using examples to explain the theology behind the works and the artistic use of lines and colors. He will also talk about the painting of icons and give us a few technical tips.

The WRPC Arts Ministry is planning an exhibit next year on how icons can expand our creative endeavors and prayer lives. A number of intergenerational activities will culminate in an exhibit reflecting the many ways God’s creative spirit works within us.

For hundreds of years, icons have reminded Christian worshippers to pray, evoking adoration and reverence of God. Every aspect of the prayerful preparation of a classical icon is full of symbolism. For instance, the wood on which it is painted is sacred material reminding us that Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.   The tempera painting medium, made of a mixture of egg yolk and pigments, is sacred because the egg reminds us of the origin of life and the colorful minerals of the bounty of the earth, all created by God.   Admired for their beauty and loved for their mystical connection to the divine, icons are doorways to another world and to the divine spark in each of us.

Daniel Neculae is a Romanian iconographer now living in Luxembourg, who has given several iconography workshops in the United States.  For more on Daniel Neculae, see his web site and an interview here.