Fast Fashion

Most of us know that “fast fashion,” much like “fast food” is not really good for us, but how many of us know about its consequences for our health, for farmers and laborers, for sewers, for our environment, and our psycho-social well-being? Are we being good stewards of our planet’s resources? Learn from Joyce Watkins King who will be sharing her MFA thesis project in the latest art exhibit.

As a descendant of Eli Whitney and daughter and grand-daughter to women who sewed, Joyce has always had a strong interest in textiles, as a designer and artist. With this body of work she is exploring her own relationship to textiles and making work she hopes will engage others in the conversation.

Resource for exploring Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion Fiasco: The High Cost of Cheap (pdf), Joyce Watkins King's MFA dissertation

Fast Fashion Facts (pdf), 13 facts related to the production and consumption of fast fashion