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ONE Wake Update

At its January 2023 meeting, Session approved WRPC’s membership in ONE Wake.

In its 2022 Annual Report ONE Wake describes itself as … a strictly non-partisan, multi-racial, multi- issue group of 46 religious congregations, associations, and other non-profits in the Wake County area with membership totaling in excess of 50,000 residents. We marshal the two universal sources of power -- organized people and organized money -- so that our organizations can collaborate with or confront powerful institutions in the governmental and private sectors. ONE Wake is part of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) national/ international network.

WRPC’s Core Team currently includes Amy Simes, Patti Sprinkle, Mary Sue Moore, and Mark Zaineddain along with Katherine Rick-Miller, and others are being invited to participate.

Our timing for membership is fortuitous. Going into its 4th year, ONE Wake is ready to canvas its members to gauge what issues, in addition to affordable housing, are of primary importance to its members. To that end, Amy Simes, Mark Zaineddin, Susan and John Baker, Bob Grant, Patti Sprinkle, and Pam Wilson attended a meeting of ONE Wake on March 9th to learn how to conduct listening sessions among WRPC’s members.

WRPC set a goal of at least 50 participants from our church who will engage in these conversations. By May 31st, we need to have finished our listening sessions, and have our top 3 priorities for social justice in Raleigh/ Wake County. Four sessions have been planned.

  • Mission, Peace & Justice Committee with associated task forces/groups on May 2nd

  • Wednesday evening online listening session on May 17th

  • Saturday morning listening session on May 20th

  • Sunday after worship listening session on May 21st

Please watch social media, the e-news, Sunday bulletin announcements and inserts, and other communiques to find more details about the listening sessions. If you have questions please contact any of the Core Team listed above.

Our ability to make change is strengthened by having many WRPC members participate in ONE Wake. This is not a committee. It is a wide-spread, participatory effort that holds the belief when people come together in numbers, they can make change. And as the body of Christ, we believe there is room for everyone at the table, and as such we can make a way for the Holy Spirit to act in the world.

Click on these links for more information about ONE Wake - and the Industrial Areas Foundation


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