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Theological Reflection on ReJOYning - Part 2


I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe we are over halfway through West Raleigh Presbyterian Church’s reJOYning Pilgrimage! We are over halfway….I am over halfway…and YOU are over halfway

And whether or not you have been able to experience one of the official WRPC pilgrimage events (in-person or online), I suspect you have been “doing pilgrimage” because

“doing pilgrimage” is about intention. “Doing pilgrimage” is about noticing, asking and reflecting. “Doing pilgrimage” is about using all available senses to experience, leaning into authentic curiosity, and setting aside time to consider where God is and how God might be at work.

And so today, I invite you to reflect with me: set aside some time to consider how God might be at work in your summer pilgrimage.

  • What have you done this summer? What has occupied your time?

  • What has been fun about this summer? What have your enjoyed?

  • What has been difficult or challenging for you this summer? This could be personal, relational, systemic, global, etc.

  • What question do you – or would you – ask God about this difficult or challenging this? Take time to think of a non “why” question.

  • Ask the question aloud as if God were waiting to hear it in your voice.

  • Tell someone you trust about this difficult or challenging thing. Share your question. [If someone wants to share their question with you, remember sometimes the greatest gift is simply hearing (not answering) the question.]

Share your question with me here.



P.S. This is the second in a series of blogs designed to facilitate our theological reflection. You can read the first blog in the series here.

P.P.S. Here is a link to some local opportunities for pilgrimage: WRPC Pilgrimages


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