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Prayers for and with Haiti

New Abiding Art Gallery Exhibit

During this Season of Lent, we honor the long-standing relationship of Hearts with Haiti and WRPC as we continue to pray for the St. Joseph Family ministries and the people of Haiti with an exhibit of art and prayers.

Prayers for and with Haiti is now on display in the Abiding Art Gallery (elevator hallway)!

Among the pieces of art are six photographs from St. Joseph kids, four square pieces of metalworks, five colorful straw angels, and two paper mâché butterflies. The Prayer of Abandonment has been spoken daily at the St. Joseph family locations since the founding of the organization January 31, 1985. This hallowed prayer is displayed and is available on cards.

Martie Leming has curated this art exhibit, selecting four floral photographs and their accompanying prayers from Prayers for Haiti by Renee Dietrich (photographer) and Shelley Wiley (prayers). Renee is the Director of Communications and Sponsorship for Hearts with Haiti. Rev. Shelley Wiley is a founding board member of HWH and served as Interim Associate Pastor at WRPC in the 90s. Their book was printed after the devastating 2010 earthquake to raise funds to support the St. Joseph Family financially and spiritually.

Thank you to Emily Everett, Executive Director of Hearts with Haiti, for providing artwork for this exhibit, including one piece given to WRPC in gratitude for their sustaining support.

See and read more about Hearts with Haiti and the St Joseph Family here:


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