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Dear Members & Friends of West Raleigh,

Just like dawn is the transition between night and day and dusk is that time in-between night and day, September is our time of transition between the summer sabbatical and new seasons of ministry. This is precious time to enJoy the reunion, share our stories, reflect on where we have been and begin the journey toward a new season of ministry. The Rick-Miller’s are full to overflowing with gratitude and with stories! We are also curious to hear the stories from your summer! This return is truly a reJoyning, and we look forward to each opportunity the next month holds to share in it…which is why we begin with additional dates and details for the journey!

THIS Sunday, September 10 is Rally Day!

Ministry Fair - 9:45 AM in the Fellowship Hall

See you at 9:45am in the Fellowship Hall. Members of West Raleigh’s wide variety of ministries will be on-hand to help you find your place. What has bubbled up inside you this summer? How might you be feeling called to serve? Do you need a particular kind of care? Are you looking to learn something new or try a new spiritual practice? Bring these questions and wonderings to the Ministry Fair and enJoy good conversation and connections.

Affinity Travelers: Artist Talk with Amy Veatch - 2 PM in the Fellowship Hall

You are invited to view the Affinity Travelers Exhibition in the Voice of the Spirit Gallery (Fellowship Hall) and to hear Amy Veatch discuss the exhibit, grad school and her thesis. This work ties in with West Raleigh’s summer sabbatical themes.

The Sacrament of Baptism for Nora Glen Raab - 3 PM in the Beeloved Garden Joined by Anna and Jonathan’s families and members of Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church, where Anna served as Youth Director for 5 years, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism for this beautiful child of the church! Rain plan: Meet in the Sanctuary!

NEXT Sunday, September 17

ReJoyning: The Rick-Miller’s share their story at an all-church lunch You can find more details in the E-News! We hope it will be a feast of food and stories from around the world!

September 19 – October 2

Sharon Katz & the Peace Train - Artists-in-Residence

All-Church Gathering - Saturday, September 30, 9:30-noon Mark your calendars for an all-church gathering with Sharon Katz & the Peace Train. This is our time with Sharon and the band you do not want to miss this opportunity to join story and song (even if you don’t think you can carry a tune!). This is for ALL AGES!!

Sharon Katz & the Peace Train Concert! - Saturday, September 30 at 7pm Get your ticket for the concert at Meredith College here. Tickets are free, but do require registration.

Hosts needed to make this artists and her band feel the West Raleigh welcome!

Contact Katherine if you are interested in opportunities to host Sharon and members of the band for dinner, show them around Raleigh during some of the downtime, do some grocer shopping, etc. We also need 2-3 people to help host dinner for the singers prior to the concert on Saturday afternoon.

enJoy and I will see you in church,



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