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For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven… - Ecclesiastes 3:1

One of the best pieces of parenting wisdom came to me through our oldest daughter’s earliest caregiver, Barbara Lechtenberg. She would council frustrated parents, saying: It’s all a stage. The good news is that if it is a bad stage, it will pass. The bad news is that if it is a good stage, it will pass too. This got me through countless bumpy stages and helped me enjoy the precious ones.

West Raleigh has been going through a number of stages, changing seasons, the writer of Ecclesiastes might say. Some of them are internal to our congregation, others reflect the changing church in a changing world. Last week’s congregational meeting marked another milestone in these changing seasons. West Raleigh called Rev. Dr. Katherine Kussmaul to serve as Pastor of Community Formation. As one former colleague put it, “Kat’s life work has been about forming communities of people together.” You can read more about this new position and Kat here.

This also means that Parish Associate, Rev. Lori Pistor, who has now helped West Raleigh navigate through two important season changes will transition out of this role and into a new season of rest and renewal, a season marked with cleaning out her own closets and garden! The good news is that we still have some time with Lori, and even after she is no longer part of West Raleigh’s staff, she will always be part of this community!

Knowing that sometimes understanding the plan helps us through these transitions, we thought sharing some of these important dates might help us bump through the tough stages and enjoy the precious ones…

  • Sunday, April 16: Election of Officers & baby Shower for Nora, Anna & Jonathan Raab!

  • Sunday, April 23: Kat’s first Sunday (Lori will be away on a previously scheduled trip)

  • April 28-30: Kat & Katherine will be at the all-church retreat & Lori will join the retreat for the day, then lead worship at West Raleigh on Sunday

  • Sunday, May 7: Lori’s last Sunday – stay tuned for details about this important send-off!

  • Sunday, May 14: Kat preaches

  • Sunday, May 28: Katherine’s last Sunday before she goes on sabbatical for the summer

As we continue through Holy Week, gathering around Tables tonight for Maundy Thursday, then in the Sanctuary for Good Friday, we hold hope that as one season gives rise to the next, Easter always rises and the Spirit promises to carry us through…

See you in church,

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