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Theological Reflection on ReJOYning


West Raleigh Presbyterian Church’s reJOYing Pilgrimage is underway!

Whether or not you have been able to experience one of the official pilgrimage events (in-person or online), you have been “doing pilgrimage.” Whether or not you will be participating in our trips to Wilmington, Davie Street Presbyterian, St Paul Presbyterian or Greensboro, you are “doing pilgrimage.”

“Doing pilgrimage” is about intention. “Doing pilgrimage” is about noticing, asking and reflecting. “Doing pilgrimage” is about using all available senses to experience, leaning into authentic curiosity, and setting aside time to consider where God is and how God might be at work.

This is the first in a series of blogs designed to facilitate our theological reflection. Whether you use these exercises or others, I invite you to take time to notice, ask and ponder.



P.S. Here is a link to some local opportunities: WRPC Pilgrimages

Option #1

  1. Choose one word or phrase (seven to ten letters) that describes part of your summer. It could be something like “Fire of Freedom” or “Paul Fey” or “Montreat” or “At home” or “Caregiving” or “Grieving” or “Moving” or….

  2. Grab a piece of paper (or notebook) and write that word vertically down the lefthand side of the page. We are setting up an acrostic.

  3. Write some words or phrases (that begin with the vertical letter) that relate to the vertical word AND describe what you noticed or experienced, where you saw God or where you wished you had encountered God.

Option #2:

  1. Draw or make of list of five places you have been this summer. They could be simple: backyard, doctor appointments, stuck-at-home, in-the-car, etc.

  2. Set a timer for five minutes. Start the timer. During those five minutes, think about where you noticed or experienced God in those places.

  3. At the end of the five minutes, make a few notes or sketches about where you noticed or experienced God.

Option #3:

  1. Envision a pilgrimage you would like to take or create. What would you do? What would be your focus? What practices or rituals would you use to be intentional? How would you be and stay open to God?

  2. If making that pilgrimage a reality isn’t possible, how could you adapt it for today?


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