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West Raleigh Welcomes Dan Turk

During the mid-90s as Jim and I were busy raising our young family with the support of our West Raleigh church family we were fortunate to meet Dan and Elizabeth Turk. Dan was working on his PhD at NC State in the Forestry Department. Elizabeth had completed her MPH at UNC Chapel Hill and was pregnant with their first child, Robert. They began their family here at West Raleigh, and Elizabeth joined my circle for mothers with young children. Thus, a relationship began for the House family and West Raleigh church that has spanned many years and continents.

The WRPC mission statement seems to capture this relationship in a nutshell, 'A community of God's people, nurtured in the love of Jesus Christ, supporting each other, and reaching out to the campus, city and world beyond.' Our relationship started in the local community and expanded as Dan and Elizabeth moved in 1997 to become PC(USA) Mission co-workers in Madagascar.

Serving in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), Dan and Elizabeth work to improve the lives of the Malagasy people. Elizabeth works with the church health program as it delivers care in rural areas and the capital city. She also assists the church as it educates church leaders and youth about AIDS prevention. Dan has helped the FJKM develop an extensive fruit tree program that includes fruit tree centers with nurseries and extension work with farmers. He also does environmental education, helping people live in harmony with God’s creation. The Turks say that the FJKM church’s holistic view of serving God includes meeting needs in Christ’s name. This demonstrates to people in concrete ways how much God loves them.

Special Offering

The Mission Peace and Justice committee supports the Turks mission work yearly as part of the church budget. This Sunday as Dan shares about the ongoing work and needs in Madagascar I invite you to join me in giving to a special offering in support of the Madagascar mission. There is a special $3,000 need at the Mango Palace Fruit Center for planting a new mango orchard and setting up irrigation for the latest tangerine orchard.

Donations may be made online or in the offering baskets.

Lunch and Learn with Dan Turk - Sunday, November 19 after worship

Following worship we will have an opportunity to learn more about Dan and Elizabeth Turk's work in Madagascar. Please join us for a simple lunch of soup in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome, no reservation required.

See you soon,

Carol House


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